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Leadership Training

group of young business leaders gathered together learning from each other.

Want to inspire high performance and increase engagement at the same time?  Start with your leaders! 

Your leaders are your most powerful lever in achieving your goals.  The most successful companies in the world invest in developing their leaders.

While some people believe that ‘leaders are born’, we know that leadership can be learned.

The most successful leaders demonstrate specific behaviors that inspire the best in others.  Research shows that when we model these same behaviors, we increase our ability to inspire high performance and increase engagement consistently.

However, simply reading about them is not enough.  As Anders Ericsson points out in his book Peak, it takes deliberate practice and feedback from an expert. This is where training comes in.

With training, you can ensure you’re getting proven strategies, deliberate practice, expert feedback, and ongoing support.

To get your return on your investment, your leaders need to apply what they’ve learned and to do that consistently.

At Lidera, we provide strategies that support your leaders during after the training to ensure you get your ROI.  

Check out our flagship program below.

Coaching for Engagement

Happy group of engaged employees laughing and acting playful.

Want to inspire higher performance and increase engagement at the same time?

Have you ever been asked to increase your teams performance, provide additional services or simple do more with less? You’re not alone.

Whether your company is growing, downsizing or changing, it’s common to think that you need more people, more time, or more resources in order to increase performance.  But:

  • What if you could maximize the performance of the people you already have?
  • What if you could increase employee engagement at the same time?…without adding more time or more resources?

Why your leaders need it

There are countless research studies, case studies and books that show a direct co-relation between highly engaged employees and higher profit, customer loyalty, and employee retention.

What you’ll learn

Coaching for Engagement*  is a results-oriented workshop that delivers practical techniques you can use right away to improve performance and increase engagement with your people and teams.

  • 5 step model for coaching employees that’s easy to use and gets results
  • 4 practical, evidence-based strategies to inspire higher performance.
  • The latest research motivation and performance.
  • The neuroscience behind why what we say matters.
  • a 3 step model to deliver feedback and ideas quickly and honestly.

Who’s should come?

  • Directors, VPs, managers, supervisors, entrepreneurs, community leaders.
  • Anyone seeking to positively influence others.

Learning Activities:

Specialized activities that enhance knowledge, improve skills, and shift mindsets.  Participants work in partners, groups, and individually to practice and apply the techniques. Following the workshop each participant receives a one on one coaching session wit a certified coach to maximize the value of the workshop.


Coaching for Engagement can be delivered either in an in-person instructor lead workshop or through a live webinar series.

  1. 1-day (8 hours) – a condensed version of the 2-day program. It includes the same principles and techniques, at a higher level with less time to practice the skills in the classroom setting. Each participant will apply one of the techniques back in the workplace.
  2. 2-day (16 hours) – Most popular. Allows participants to go deeper into the key topics, discover nuances that can result in profound improvements, and receive more in-class practice time.
  3. Webinar series – Either the 1-day or 2-day formats delivered in a series of 60 to 90 minute live webinar sessions. The ideal format is to schedule one session per week, allowing participants to complete homework assignments and apply the learning in between sessions. *all formats include a 30 minute one o one coaching session with a certified coach to help hone their coaching skills with their teams.

Facilitator & certified professional coach Matt MacEachern

If you’d like us to deliver a custom Coaching for Engagement workshop in your organization, email us at  or call 604 324-5900.

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Click here to contact us or call us at 604 324-5900. 

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