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You can have more of what you want in life, whether at work, at home or at play. You can start right now.


Whether things are good and you want to take it to the next level, you’re struggling with a challenge, or you simply want more joy in life, it’s common to be unsure about the right next steps. Whether it’s a challenge or opportunity, you don’t have to do it alone. For the past 15 years, we’ve been coaching leaders, entrepreneurs, people in  transition and…well, all kinds of people–to help them get more of what they want in life!

What is coaching? It’s having someone in your corner who sees the best in you.  Someone who is trained to listen, ask powerful questions, help clarify your goals, create strategies, and support you in taking action. Sometimes it’s about challenging you to step outside your comfort zone to create the life you desire.

With coaching:

  • You choose the agenda
  • You choose the commitments
  • You achieve the success

What coaching is not? It is not counseling or psychotherapy. It’s not about trying to change you as a person or lead you somewhere you don’t want to go, and it’s not about judging you.

How does coaching with me work? Our coaching relationship will be customized to your unique needs, but generally it looks like this:

  • One-on-one, highly confidential conversations
  • Two one-hour sessions per month
  • Clarifying goals, creating strategies, taking action, deepening learning
  • Action steps (‘homework’) between each session

It’s like having a personal fitness trainer – for your life!

If you’re ready for a break through, or just tired of doing it alone, contact us now at

email: or call us at 604 324-5900.

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