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Sometimes, the best way to re-ignite employee motivation or performance, is through a new perspective or experiencing something in a new way.

A motivational key note that is interactive, engaging, and provides practical strategies, can spark that motivation and inspire action.

Keynotes are an excellent choice when you want your audience to see a new perspective, gain new knowledge, or to feel re-inspired. Keynotes are often between 45-90 minutes long.

Seminars are the best choice when you’re wanting to go deeper with new knowledge, develop skills, or create an experience that can shift beliefs.  Seminars are often 1/2 to 1 day long.

All Lidera keynotes and seminars can be customized to deliver the specific outcomes you want. As well, they are interchangeable;

We can build on a Keynote to include skills, or condense a seminar into it’s most salient points and present it as a keynote or motivational talk.

Here are some of our clients favorites or contact us to explore your own needs.

Personal Leadership;

What About Me? – how to get more out of life, and build your personal resilience at the same time.

Leading Others:   

Coaching for Engagement; – inspire higher performance in others, without having to use fear or power as the motivator. Inspire engagement and you’ll get the performance.

How to motivate anyone in 10 minutes or less; – title says it all…

Recognition that inspires: – Recognize others in a way they feel sincerely appreciated without the need for more money, resources, or time. Why? Because it’s a key driver in employee engagement.

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How To Motivate Your Employees in 10 Minutes or Less