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Speaking can be a fantastic way to re-ignite employee motivation or performance through providing new insights and a fresh perspective. Whether it’s a conference, leadership forum, or retreat, keynotes can reinforce your organizations mission, values, or help people with change.

Whether in person or via a Webinar, all of our Keynote talks are  interactive and provide practical strategies that can be the spark that motivates your people to take action.

Keynotes are often between 60-90 minutes long.

Some of our most popular topics are:

  • How to motivate your employees in 10 minutes or less
  • How to inspire higher performance and engagement at the same time
  • How to lead others through change
  • How to thrive through change and challenging times.

We tailor all of our keynotes to ensure they are relevant to your audience.


Seminars are the best choice when you’re wanting to go deeper with new knowledge, develop skills, or create an experience that can shift beliefs.  Seminars are often 1/2 day, 1 day, or 2 days long.  With seminars;

  • participants create shared understanding around new concepts
  • Participants experience practicing new techniques
  • participants spend more time in the ‘learning zone’.
  • They’re more likeley to apply the learning as a result of practicing.

All Lidera keynotes and seminars can be customized to deliver the specific outcomes you want. As well, they are interchangeable;

We can build on a Keynote to include skills, condense a seminar into it’s most salient points and deliver either via webinar or webinar series


Webinars are development opportunities that take place over the internet. Webinars are ideal for providing information or strategies in short bursts, anywhere, any time. Webinars do not have to be one way lectures and can absolutely be interactive and engaging.

Seminars can easily be delivered as a series of webinars over the internet. Just some advantages are: 

  • Allows participants to attend no matter what their location
  • Breaks key learning components into smaller, more digestible chunks
  • Provides an opportunity to practice skills or complete assignments in between modules 
  • can increase the retention and their ability to apply the learning
  • Can reduce travel costs

Here are some of our most popular topics; 

Leading Others:   

Coaching for Engagement; – Inspire higher performance in others, without having to use fear or power as the motivator. Inspire engagement and you’ll get the performance.  Evidenced based strategies that get results.

How to motivate anyone in 10 minutes or less; – title says it all…

Leading Through Change: – How to lead yourself and others through change. Minimize the downsides and maximizing the upsides of change with research based, practical strategies that work. 

Personal Leadership;

How to build your personal resilience, even during challenging times.  This program looks at 5 strategies the resilient people use to stay healthy, maintain focus, and keep on performing.

What About Me? – how to get more out of life, build your personal resilience and enjoy the journey along the way. 

If you’d like know more, reach out to or  give us a call.  

How to Motivate Employees in 10 Minutes or Less

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