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Value your Values – How to build personal resilience – Part 1

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Have you ever known someone who seems to be eternally happy no matter what the situation?

You know.  The kind of person that, whether the global economy is in a downturn, the polar ice caps are melting, or they are facing a personal crisis, they remain positive, resourceful, and resilient?

My friend Hugh Culver is like this.  It doesn’t matter if he is responding to urgent client requests, dealing with a flooded basement, or finishing off an 18 hour work day, he’s always positive.

Well if you’ve ever wondered, ‘how can I be more like that’? Or “I wish {so and so} could just be more positive…” Here’s the good news;     As Russ Newman, Ph.D., J.D. of the American Psychological Association says, “…resilience can be learned.”1

Here is the first of 4 easy techniques to build your own personal resilience.  I’ve synthesized these from the latest research, books, interviews, articles, and my own experience with resilience.    click here to learn more; part-1-building-personal-resilience-values


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