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Coaching for Engagement – 1 day Workshop

How to inspire higher performance in others, and increase engagement at the same time.

Are you getting the performance you want?

happy employeesHave you ever been asked to “do more with less”?  Whether your company is growing, downsizing or changing, it’s common to think that you need more people, more time, or more resources. But:

What if you could maximize the performance of the people you already have, right now?

What if you could increase employee engagement at the same time?

In this 1-day version of Coaching for Engagement* you’ll learn practical techniques you can use right away to improve performance and increase engagement with your people and teams.

What you’ll learn*:

  • 4 easy-to-use, easy-to-apply, evidence-based techniques proven to get results.
  • How to motivate people to perform their very best and build trust at the same time.
  • How to provide honest feedback and ideas that inspire engagement.
  • Powerful, proven techniques the best leaders in the world use to motivate performance.

Who’s it for?:

  • Managers, Directors, VPs, entrepreneurs, community leaders.
  • Anyone seeking to positively influence others.

Learning Activities:

This interactive workshop incorporates short bursts of theory with specialized activities to enhance knowledge, improve skills, and shift mindsets.  Participants work in groups, with partners and individually to practice and apply the techniques. Following the workshop each participant will receive a one-hour complimentary coaching session (Value $350) to help apply key learnings from the workshop.

To register for an upcoming workshop email

* This 1 Day Seminar is based on the 2.5 day workshop that includes boundary conversations, video tape practice, and performance management. For more information on the full workshop, contact Matt at 604 324-5900 or email 


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