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Practice Optimism – How to build personal resilience – Part 2 .

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In my first article on Building Personal Resilience During Challenging times, we talked about those lucky people who just seem to have a permanently optimistic and resourceful outlook on life, no matter what the situation. Well you can build your personal resilience and we outlined the first of 4 easy steps in Part 1 Practice your Values.

Just before we move on to Step 2, lets’ create a shared understanding of what we mean by ‘personal resilience’. Well, one definition by KA Gordon (1995) is “…the ability to thrive, mature, and increase competence in the face of adverse circumstances…” I would add to this; “and enjoy the process along the way”. So we’re not just talking about ’squeaking through or just surviving, but thriving’. Well, as Anthony Robbins, world renouned motivational speaker and author says, “success leaves clues.” So let’s look at another one of the ‘practices’ that many resilient people use to build their resilience: Practice Optimsim. That’s right, practice being optimistic.

Wait a minute you say, practice optimism? Aren’t you either born optimistic or not? Well, click here to find out Practice Optimism.


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